“Eurospeak began as a private English language school based in the UK which is accredited by the British Council and the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). In 2021, we continued to expand and established our educational technology-focussed spin-off, Eurospeak Limited in Ireland. Eurospeak Limited in Ireland is an educational technology company dedicated to delivering educational products and training. We deliver online English language classes tailored to the needs of individuals and groups as well as design and develop innovative educational tools such as e-courses, online assessments, and more. The English courses we provide include Business English, IELTS test preparation, and ‘bootcamps’ for groups with a specific purpose. Additionally, Eurospeak has a special focus on helping disadvantaged groups, whom we aim to support through our participation in Erasmus+ projects. Eurospeak promotes actions that take an innovative and creative approach to the inclusion of marginalised groups such as migrants, refugees, the unemployed, LGBT+ and older people. Eurospeak also offers services related to EU funding such as proposal writing and project evaluation. Lastly, having a highly multinational team allows us to provide services in translation for a variety of languages including Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Greek, among others. Our diverse team of teachers, researchers and IT specialists make it possible for us to produce high-quality learning materials that meet the demands of today’s ever-evolving society.”

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